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Room Hire

Rooms For Hire

Three activity rooms - Sand Bar, Reef Room and Coral Bay

Counselling rooms in the Administration Building

All rooms are wheelchair accessible.

There is an enclosed playground facility attached to the Sand Bar activity room.

*Tea and coffeee making facilities are provided in Sand Bar, Reef Room and Beach Break.

*Utensils such as cups, saucers, cutlery, a microwave, fridge and urn are available for
use from Reef Room, and also in Beach Break during after hours, by appointment.

*Cleaning materials are also provided.

*Groups will need to provide their own tea, coffee, milk and any other food or drink items
they require.

*All groups are asked to leave the rooms clean and tidy, and to wash and put away utensils used.

Room Hire Fees
All Room Hire is at $10.00 per hour